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Бізнесс Продуктивність
Розробник: infinery

iRugz is the next generation search engine for the handmade and machine made rugs. Its unique “find by example” feature will change the way you want to search for products on The Internet!

Search can be very detailed (style, size, shape, country of origin, content type, shape, price, merchant’s location, and more), or as broad as “show me everything”. When you see the product that you like, with a couple of taps you can tell the system what specifically you like or/and dislike about this particular product. This will narrow your search drastically: from 30,000 items to 30 items in 3 taps or less!

You can add products that you like into the wish list, and review the list at any time.

You can see prices and merchants contact information for each item.

You will discover the whole new universe of these beautiful works of art, from all over the world!

Infinery will be publishing similar systems for many other products and crafts.